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Johnny Learns To Share

Written by Nicolas Sparks

Movie Adaptation by Tim Burton


This is Johnny. Johnny is six years old.

Johnny is so, so pretty.

Johnny had trouble sharing his toys with all the other little boys and girls in the dramatically foggy little town of Macabre. 

“JOHNNY! CAN WE COME PLAY?” the other children asked.

“NO!” Johnny roared.

So the other children ran away, and Johnny played alone with his toys. 

Then one day, little Helena moved to town. She was also six years old.

Helena was sweet, and innocent and a friend to all living things. Except Johnny.

“Johnny,” She chirped “may I please play with your toys?”

“NO!” He roared, pounding his chest menacingly.

“Please?” She pressed, batting her eyelashes and smiling up at him.

He relented. They played together, and slowly but surely, he learned to share his toys. 

Then, one day, the news came:

Helena had cancer. Terminal cancer.

Being six years old, she didn’t fully understand the implications and so she continued to play with Johnny every day for the rest of her life, until she dropped dead right in the sandbox they played in every day.

Johnny shed a lot of tears for his fallen playmate but, ultimately, he learned to share and the kid needed to learn somehow, didn’t he?

Then Danny Elfman music played and the credits rolled.