“I won’t discriminate against someone for their gender, religion, orientation, or skin colour but wanting to fuck an animated pony is pretty much where I draw the line.”

– Me.

Yeah, as it turns out, I’m exactly the kind of douche who quotes himself.

For the record, that isn’t meant as a jab at all “bronies” or the adult My Little Pony fandom in general. I realize that not all Bronies are into watching a show aimed at prepubescent girls because they want to sexually objectify the characters- That’s more of a problem when it comes to the grown man fanbase that Nickelodeon’s tween shows have picked up, anyway.

I get that we’re all entitled to our quirks and our fetishes- I do- but good God, at what point did we as a human race start out on a mission to find the most inane turn-ons possible?

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